The Scout Group Charter enables the Scout Group to operate as a Member of Scouting Ireland and it requires them to operate in accordance with The Scout Group Constitution.

Each Scout Group is responsible for its own financing as well as its property and equipment. Scouting has charitable purpose as set out in the relevant Acts and so, to maintain its financial independence, each Scout is obliged to register as a charity. Support materials for registering as a charity can be found HERE…

The members of the Scout Group Council are the Charity Trustees for the Scout Group, and they must observe and comply with all duties and responsibilities of Charity Trustees, as required by law, and it is responsible for the administration and support of Scouting in the Scout Group.

The Scout Group, at their Annual General Meeting, nominates the members of the Group Leader who are subsequently appointed by Scouting Ireland. They also appoint all other members of the Scout Group Council.

The Scout Group may nominate for appointment by Scouting Ireland, one or more Deputy Group Leaders and sufficient Programme Scouters to deliver the Youth Programme.

SID SG01-Group Appointment-Descriptions contains role descriptions for all Scout Group Appointments.

The Parents and Friends Support Group provide support and assistance to the Scout Group and is responsible to the Scout Group Council.

The document Scout Group Life, suggests that each Scout Group should have a Scout Group Plan developed using the Scout Group QSE process. It also suggests that each Scout Group establish a Scout Group Programme Committee to ensure that the Youth Programme is operated effectively to the best ability of the Scout Group and to provide for the support of Youth Programme within the Scout Group across all Programme Sections, this Scout Group Programme Committee is referred to again in that inclusive decision-making document linked to below.

Voluntary organisations today are highly regulated, this puts the onus on the Scout Group Council to be fully accountable for how the organisation conducts its affairs. That said, Scouting remains a voluntary movement of and for young people, supported primarily by Adult Volunteers at all levels. Inclusive decision-making is essential to ensure quality decisions that are informed by the views and experiences of all of those involved and to enable the successful delivery of our educational and developmental objectives.

The Scout County and Scout Province provide supports to Scout Groups when required.