Group Development Plan (QSE)

The aim of Quality Scouting Experience (QSE) is to provide a structured framework for Scouts and Scouters to think critically about how their Scout Group functions. It encourages members of the Scout Group to express what Scouting means to them collectively and individually and also to the community and the environment. It is designed as a tool to enable Scout Groups produce a Group Development Plan. Employing a holistic approach, it strives to create a strong sense of shared ownership and responsibility.

QSE is a vital tool in enabling the Scout Group to develop a coherent and relevant Group Development Plan. It focuses on 3 core themes, Programme, Governance and Resources; each theme is further broken down in sub categories.

The QSE tool is an online tool and it is designed to be undertaken by all members of the Scout Group; all Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venture Scouts, Rover Scouts as well as all Scouters, other members of Group Council and the Parents and Friends Support Group. It encourages Scout Groups to think creatively about key issues and opportunities that they face and produces a Group Development Plan to assist them in addressing the issues and availing of the opportunities.

The 3 Core Themes of QSE

The core themes each have 3 areas of focus which enables a Scout Group to identify how they can improve the Scouting experience for all involved:

Programme – Scout Method, Equipment and Training

Governance – Administration, Communication and Finance

Resources – Community, Personnel and Property

How it works

Your first QSE experience is a workshop which is supported by a team of facilitators who take you through the QSE review process. It helps the Scout Group identify challenges and opportunities and assists you to come to agreement on a Group Development Plan.

The introductory workshop contains a variety of activities aimed at generating discussion through critical thinking exercises where you are encouraged to get involved in an open- minded and fun manner throughout.

The activities are varied both in the type and duration ranging from individual reflections to small group exercises and the full interaction of the Scout Group.

The whole experience is designed to be engaging; it encourages self-reflection as well as group reflection and encourages you to look at both your successes and failures. Most importantly it involves and includes the youth members in all the activities, discussions and decisions. The initial workshop produces several useful tools which you can use in developing your Scout Group; this includes a Group Development Plan, an Opportunity List, a “Where to Now Pack?” as well as other useful resources.

QSE also enables your Scout County and Scout Province as well as National Teams and Staff to deliver supports that meet the needs of Scout Groups including yours.

Following the QSE workshop it is up to the Scout Group to put the development plan into action and to review it on a regular basis. It is recommended that a full review be carried out on an annual basis and it is vitally important to involve and include your youth members in the decision-making process.

The Opportunity List provides you with a focus on the future allowing you to add items to you development plan as you achieve other goals.

The objective of QSE is to enable your Scout Group to develop its own plan for improving its operations and thus becoming more effective in delivering the youth programme to more young people locally.

If you wish to take part in a QSE workshop you should contact your Provincial Support Staff who are trained in the process and can arrange it for you.

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