The Scout Group Charter requires that:

  • The members of the Scout Group Council are the Charity Trustees for the Scout Group, and that they should observe and comply with all duties and responsibilities of Charity Trustees, as required by law.
  • The Scout Group Council shall ensure that Scout Group properties are vested in one of a number of specified ways.
  • The Scout Group Council shall ensure that every reasonable effort is made at all times to protect the positive image of Scouting.

The Scout Group Constitution specifies:

  • That the Scout Group Council is responsible for the administration and support of Scouting in the Scout Group and sets out its functions and membership as outlined below
  • That the Scout Group Council will agree a set of Standing Orders
  • The business of the Annual General Meeting of the Scout Group, including the hearing of specific reports and the election of Group Council members

It is important that the Scout Group Council and the Scout Group meets its responsibilities to Scouting in the community and it must also be properly represented at meetings of the Scout County Management Committee.

Functions of the Scout Group Council

The functions of the Scout Group Council include:

  1. To oversee and co-ordinate all activities of the Scout Group
  2. To control and allocate finance and maintain proper accounts
  3. To convene the Annual General Meeting of the Scout Group
  4. To ensure that the Programme Sections operate the Youth Programme in accordance with the Aim, Principles and Method
  5. To implement the Youth & Adult Involvement Policies provided by Scouting Ireland
  6. To provide support to the Group Scouters in the delivery of the Youth Programme within the Programme Section
  7. To consider and approve nominations and proposals for submission to the General Meeting of Scouting Ireland
  8. To facilitate the training of all Group Scouters
  9. To recruit suitable individuals to membership of the Scout Group and make nominations for appointment as Group Scouters
  10. To form a Parents & Friends Support Group
  11. To form other sub committees, as required, for the purposes agreed by the Scout Group Council.
  12. To perform the role of Charity Trustees as prescribed by the legislation within the jurisdiction in which the Scout Group is based
  13. To provide continual updates to the members of the Scout Group on the decisions taken by the Scout Group Council and, where necessary, the rationale to those decisions
  14. To co-ordinate a social programme for adult members as desired

Members of Group Council

The members of the Scout Group Council are:

  1. The Group Leader.
  2. The Group Chairperson.
  3. The Group Secretary
  4. The Group Treasurer.
  5. The Group Quartermaster/ Bo’sun.
  6. The Group Youth Champion.
  7. Not more than one other member of the Scout Group, over the age of 18 years, elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Scout Group.