The scout method is the way we do Scouting, it is an educational framework unique to Scouting that consists of eight elements which work together as a system to provide young people with a rich and active learning environment.

Learning by Doing

Learning by doing happens when Scouts actively participate in hands-on and interactive activities; not always achieving an expected outcome but always learning from their experiences.

Nature & the Outdoors

Being in nature and the outdoors gives us real life challenges and adventures. It lends inspiration and provides us with the backdrop for putting our Scouting into practice. It opens our minds to the wonders of the world, putting our place in it into perspective, and strengthening our values.

Personal Progression

Scouting takes a young person on a journey which encourages them to try new things and enables them to grow; challenging their attitudes and behaviours as they progress through the sections. Progression is recognised formally through our personal progression scheme and informally in the steps a Scout takes through the sections.

Law and Promise

The Scout Law is a set of values that informs a code of living which young people and adults voluntarily commit to when they make their Scout Promise. The Scout Promise is a personal commitment to do your best to follow Scouting’s principles and to live the Scout Law.

Service and Commitment

The aim of Scouting seeks to improve society through responsible and active citizenship. By serving and being committed to our community, from the smallest gesture of the individual to the actions and initiatives of the Scout group, we have a positive impact on the communities in which we Scout.

Small Group System

In Scouting we form small groups where Scouts work together. This facilitates leadership opportunities, shared responsibility, effective learning, and adventures, all in a safe peer driven environment.

Symbolic Framework

Symbolic framework provides a backdrop for Scouting. Through the use of symbols, themes and stories the young person’s imagination is stimulated and activities are given a purpose. To help grasp the concept of Scouting, BP, our founder, created a set of symbols and traditions still in use today.

Young People and Adults

Scouting is a voluntary partnership between Scouts (young people) and Scouters (adults), whereby Scouts are supported and facilitated on their personal journey, while being encouraged and challenged to achieve their full potential.

To read more about the Scout Method read SID 64-10 Scout Method Policy