Scouting Ireland is organised at a number of levels which are designed to ensure that effective support is delivered to the membership.

Levels within the organisation

  • Scout Group
  • Scout County
  • Scout Province
  • National

Scout Group

The Scout Group is the most important level within Scouting Ireland. This is the level at which most Youth Members and Scouters are involved within Scouting Ireland. There appears to be in the region of 500 Scout Groups in Scouting Ireland. It is the primary vehicle for supporting active youth programme and for supporting our adult volunteers.

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Scout County

A Scout County is a collection of Scout Groups from a specific geographical area. The Scout County team can support you with youth programme, Scouter training, advice about finances, insurance, and information about what’s going on in Scouting Ireland. Your County Commissioner is often a great person to get in touch with if you need advice about something. They are experienced Scouters who are there to help and support you. They can draw on the County team and look for support from other Scout Groups if that is required.

Scout Province

A Scout Province is a collection of Scout Counties from a specific part of the country. The Provincial Management Support Team supports Scout Counties within the Scout Province. Wood Badge training for Scouters is delivered through the Scout Provinces. The Scout Province also promotes the implementation of Scouting Ireland’s policies and programmes at Scout County level throughout the Scout Province. It provides input, on behalf of Scout Counties, to the development of policies and programmes at National level.

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National Level

Scouting Ireland is both a company limited by guarantee (clg) and a registered charity. Scout Groups are the members of Scouting Ireland, and they set its direction through their active participation in General Meeting. The Board of Directors are responsible for overseeing good governance within the organisation between General Meetings. The Board may have up to thirteen members, ten of whom are appointed by election at General Meeting and up to three others may be co-opted by the Board to fill specific skills gaps.

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Work at National Level is driven either by Board Sub-Committees or by the CEO via a number of Departments. Each Department may be managed by a volunteer or a member of the paid staff, although to date the appointed manager for each Department is actually member of the paid staff.

Each Department has a Core Team and may establish a number of Project Teams, these teams may comprise of volunteers and /or paid staff.

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