Communication is essential for any organisation and it is crucial to have an effective communication structure within your own Scout Group or Scout County.

Internal Communication – Scouters, youth members, Parents, Group Council, etc.

There are numerous options available for internal communication, such as typed notes, text messages, emails or other social media platforms such as Facebook. Whatever method you choose, make sure that you double check the content before sending to avoid confusion or upset and ensure that you follow the guidelines in BOD-SG-002 Code of Behaviour to Assist Adults Engaging with Children in Scouting.

When communicating with youth members it is best to do this through parents, however if you wish to communicate directly with youth members in the older sections it is vital that you get permission in writing from their parents to do so.

It is important to consider what you are putting down in printed form, ill-chosen words can come back to haunt you, also some discussions (for example, youth member medical conditions or behavioural problems) are best done in person, with a witness.

All of our members are entitled to relevant information in a timely fashion. If you are passing information to some and expecting them to further pass it on, make sure you regularly check that the information is actually being passed on.

Social media and websites

Use of Phones, Email and Social Networking Sites have an enormous benefit to Groups but can also be used for harmful or abusive purposes. It is important for Groups to develop their own rules around the uses of such communications and ensure the parents/guardians and youth members fully understand the rules around the use of such forms of communications. Consent regarding such communications and the use of photographs must clearly be sought by the Group from the parents / guardians. Read Scouting Irelands Guidance on Social Media

External Communication – media, community groups, government departments, etc.

When communicating with agencies or the media outside Scouting Ireland you must always double check that the information you are passing on is correct and is in line with Scouting Ireland Policies. You should take full advantage of any opportunities that arise to promote Scouting Ireland through the media. However you should consult with your Group Leader or County Commissioner beforehand.