Note: Any matter that concerns safeguarding issues, must be referred immediately to the Safeguarding Team.

See Safeguarding Children and Young People

SID-CD04 Disciplinary Policy and SID-CD04A Disciplinary Procedures make provision for handling alleged breaches of Scouting discipline.

Specified Officers

Current holders of the following Appointment or Positions:

  1. Group Leader
  2. County Commissioner
  3. Provincial Commissioner
  4. Department Manager
  5. Chief Executive Officer

A Specified Officer may make a complaint concerning an alleged breach of discipline by a member on a number of specified grounds. The list is not short and concludes with: “Any other matter of a disciplinary nature which would not be fit and proper conduct for an adult member of Scouting Ireland”.

Referral from Disputes

It should be noted that where Grievance and Disputes recommends the termination, cancelation, withdrawal, or suspension of a person’s membership, appointment, or position then the Disputes Resolution and Appeals Panel must request a Specified Officer to refer the matter to the Disciplinary Procedure.

The Procedure

The procedure is formal and somewhat involved. It is overseen by the Disciplinary Panel and it may involve:

Sanctions and Appeal

Where a complaint is upheld, sanctions can be most severe, including:

  1. Cancellation, withdrawal or suspension of any Appointment and/or Position
  2. Suspension from membership of SI for a specified period of time
  3. Expulsion from the organisation
  4. Any other sanction deemed appropriate in any particular case

Any Appeal must be lodged no later than 21 days after notification of the sanction.